About Us

Stephen and Belinda welcome you to Skillresolution. We created this site so you  can use a practical affordable way to promote your skills or find skilled people. 

USE SKILLRESOLUTION  to increase your employment  opportunities or as a free reliable source of skilled professional people or businesses.

“Registering to work” is free and as an Individual or small business, enables you to create an on-line professional profile which can be easily viewed by potential employers. Potential employers use our search functions to select exactly who they want to contact and then submit a “request to contact” you.

Subscribing to Skillresoultion as an Individual or small business increases your employment opportunities even more by:

1.      Enabling creation of multiple professional profiles under your name:

(Example:Name- John Doe  -Titles -Service Desk Manager | Service Delivery Manager | Project Manager | Business Analyst | Application Manager)

  1. Featuring you first in search results:

 (Example: If an employer searches for a Service Delivery Manager, people who have subscribed, appear first in the search results table).

  1. Accessing increased portfolio features.

Skillresolution is supported and financed by subscribers. The annual subscription fee to join Skillresoultion is $75.  




Its an effective way to find the right people when you need them.

  •  One cost free solution
  •  Accurate availability
  •  Structured search
  •  Customised alerts
  •  Reviews and ratings
  •  Comprehensive
  •  Contact display table
  • Register to contact people
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Its a common sense way to find all types of work. Potential employers contact you for work.

  •  One place for your profile
  •  Potential employers contact you
  •  One place to update
  •  Clear and comprehensive
  •  Professional
  •  Easy to use and maintain
  •  Free basic profile
  •  Feature by subscribing
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